Multi-Purpose and Effective Trade Show Exhibits

Why We Love This Island Display (and you should too!)

When the successful trade show program manager is asked “What do you want in your next trade show display?” the answer is invariably… “Everything”!

Budget constraints keep our fantasies in check but an effectively designed 20’ x 40’ island exhibit can provide a visually stunning and effective trade show presence that elevates any event marketing campaign to new heights.

Let’s examine this 20’ x 40’ custom island exhibit solution that can be acquired as a rental, purchase or a hybrid rental/lease/purchase option. Numerous key exhibit elements can be combined in the ample 800 square feet that this display design provides.

Custom Island Display Key Elements

  • Strategic Traffic Flow: an island or peninsula-style design allows booth visitors to enter from multiple sides to create an open and inviting environment.
  • Multi-level Branding: when looking at tradeshow imagery, we like to start from the highest point and work our way down. The tension-fabric hanging signs allow for optimal top-tier logo exposure that can be seen from aisles away, ensuring your brand is seen across the exhibit hall.
  • Laminated Canopy with Integrated Pendant Lighting: this dramatic element not only adds an appealing design feature, but helps to define the space which creates a feeling of coziness within the overall space.
  • Casual Bar Seating Area: this multi-function area can work as a collaborative meeting space or an inviting area for casual conversation or networking. If the goal is to keep customers within your space for an extended period of time, consider adding integrated phone charging stations to this bar table.
  • Private Meeting Room: once the conversation becomes more in-depth, the private meeting room (shown on the left side of the display) comes into play. This particular design features an enclosed space with with acrylic panels that allow light to shine in and make the room feel more airy and bright. For additional branding, graphics can be added to the acrylic panels as seen in the rendering.
  • Kiosk with Monitor: this feature is always ideal for videos or interactive content that can be self-served by attendees.
  • Vinyl Wood Floor: rather than standard carpet and padding, a vinyl “wood” floor ties the entire space together and gives it a more high-end finish.
  • Numerous Large Graphic Visual Areas: multiple graphic-ready zones are ready to be filled with your brand imagery.

Every element in your exhibit space says something about your brand. Once you have determined the exact purpose of your display, this 20’ x 40’ design can be maximized to accomplish your goals. The design house you choose as a partner must have the vision and experience to blend form and function into a successful marketing vehicle.

Thanks to Apple Rock Sr. Account Exec Sandra Erath for the assist on this article.