Custom Trade Show Displays, Booths & Exhibits

Built on great ideas,
not cookie-cutter solutions.

Our custom trade show displays & booths are truly custom. We work with you to create one-of-a-kind displays that fit your specific needs and reflect your brand personality.

We help clients find better ideas and better ways to exhibit. 

We Build Custom Trade Show Displays, Booths and Exhibits That Work

We design your custom trade show display booths by taking a strategic approach. We start by building an exhibit idea that factors in your goals, your intended audience, your budget, your overall marketing strategy, the surrounding environment and types of events you attend, and multiple other factors. Our custom trade show booth displays are designed to fit your unique needs. 

Crafting the Perfect Custom ADAPT Trade Show Booth Display or Exhibit

Then we carefully and meticulously build the display itself, utilizing a variety of existing or newly fabricated display products. When possible, we use products from our exclusive ADAPT Series, because they are 100% Apple Rock designed, engineered and made in the USA, meaning we are able to guarantee your satisfaction and offer an extended 2-year warranty. Apple Rock also offers our modular Xylea panels, which are designed to be lighter, stronger and more cost effective than conventional flat panels or slatwall.

Whether we use ADAPT components or those from our partners, the result will be a display that provides you with a unique, memorable, cost-effective, and functional trade show presence.

Trade Show Booths for Any Industry

Apple Rock has created memorable, award-winning booths in almost every industry, including:

Government, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Security Services, Technology, Education, and Food.

Displays for Any Environment

Apple Rock builds displays for any situation, show size, footprint, retail environment or corporate space:

Island Displays, Modular Inline Displays, Interactive Displays, Branded Spaces, and Portable Displays.