Environments by Apple Rock

Bring Your Brand To Life

We can transform any space and create a positive brand experience
for your guests and your employees.

Bring your brand to life in any space...

Apple Rock can extend your brand into any setting including corporate offices, retail space, showrooms and outdoors.

Retail fixtures, lighting, shelving, display spaces, reception desks, checkout areas, flooring and more are available.


Branded Environments and Retail Spaces

Your brand isn't just a logo, its a culture, a feeling, an experience that needs to be represented in four dimensions and felt throughout your space. Walk through any of our brand experiences and understand the feeling that words alone cannot convey.

Our branded environmental graphics and custom millwork solutions can do the same for you. From your lobby or store, to your training space or big event we can work through visioning, design and construction to create just the story you want to tell. Our team can help you design or refresh your office space or retail store with a new lobby design, new corporate interiors, office space planning, retail design planning, and more.

  • Corporate Lobbies, Training Rooms, Conference Room, Employee Lounges, etc.
  • School And University Common Areas, Student Centers, Food Courts, etc
  • Retail and Pop-up Stores
  • Museums, Hall Of Fames, Public Educational Centers, etc.
  • Custom Millwork for Corporate Spaces, Real Estate, Personal Projects



We partner with our clients, collaborate with their teams, and through thoughtful ideation our solutions provide better design, better strategy and better results.

  • We listen and collaborate to understand your needs and wants. Then we create a custom design to meet all your criterial; or we can work with your existing designs and make them a reality for you

  • We engineer to deliver on all functional and aesthetic needs. And we build to meet the highest quality standards.

  • Our project managers oversee all designs, drawings, budgets and timelines to deliver above your expectations.

Corporate Spaces and Corporate Events

Many of the branded corporate environments that we build are permanent installations, but not all. For many of our clients, we develop temporary displays and environmental graphics to support corporate events. Apple Rock is a partner in all aspects of corporate event planning and management