Bring your brand to life in any space...

Apple Rock can extend your brand into any setting including corporate offices, retail space, showrooms and outdoors.

Retail fixtures, lighting, shelving, display spaces, reception desks, checkout areas, flooring and more are available.

Branded Environments and Retail Spaces

Your brand isn't just a logo, its a culture, a feeling, an experience that needs to be represented in four dimensions. Walk through any of our brand experiences and understand our customer in a way that words cannot convey. Our branded environmental graphics can do the same for you. From your lobby, to your big event we can work through visioning, design and construction to create just the story you want to tell.

Custom-designed applications are our specialty, including vibrant graphics and dimensional elements. Find out how we can help you create and execute a big idea for your space that will make a lasting impression.

Get Inspired and Get a Free Quote

The IDEA BOX is where you can keep all your favorite trade show ideas.

Build your own custom catalog and fill it up with booths, kiosks, displays, and trade show designs and ideas that you like. Then save it, share it, or use it to get a free quote on your next project.

Corning Credit Union Custom Counters

Krispy Kreme Corporate Headquarters Lobby Feature

Krispy Kreme Corporate Headquarters Branded Space

L.L. Bean Retail Store Shoe Display

L.L. Bean Retail Store Checkout

BOMAG Lobby Branded Enviroment

BOMAG Branded Corporate Space

Discover YOU! - CaroMont Health’s Interactive Health and Wellness Center

Discover YOU! - CaroMont Health’s Interactive Health and Wellness Center

Las Vegas Furniture Market Outdoor Display

Discover YOU! - CaroMont Health’s Interactive Health and Wellness Center Heart Exhibit

Verizon Retail Branded Environment

Piedmont Advantage Credit Union Branch

Navy SEAL Heritage Center Branded Environment

Navy SEAL Heritage Center Branded Environment

Piedmont Advantage Custom Graphic Applications

Tyco Custom Graphic Application

Verizons/A Wireless Retail Store

Corporate Spaces and Corporate Events

Many of the branded corporate environments that we build are permanent installations, but not all. For many of our clients, we develop temporary displays and environmental graphics to support corporate events. Apple Rock is a partner in all aspects of corporate event planning and management