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From start to finish, Apple Rock's team guides you through the process and delivers results so that your booth makes a lasting impression and generates leads. 

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Trade Show Booth Design, Display Design

Apple Rock's Trade Show Display Design team is comprised of event marketers, graphic designers, trade show strategists, expert printers, and booth engineers and craftsmen.

The design process is effective because with each partnership we build a tailored trade show display to meet your needs. Your Apple Rock Sales Rep and Account Manager will lead a team of designers, strategists, and engineers to develop a custom trade show experience that presents your product or service in the best light while grabbing the attention of every passerby. Working with Apple Rock ensures that people will be talking about your booth and your offerings, and they will remember who you are. Our experienced team creates that magic while working with your brand guidelines and helping you to develop a look and feel that matches your story.


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Trade Show Exhibit Design Experience

Trade show booths and displays are a wildly different format from other brand experiences. With display design, our first focus is the booth’s impact on the person walking down your aisle. Our goal: draw them in. But the work doesn’t stop there. We’re also designing the space to orchestrate a compelling experience once he or she has taken that first step onto your carpet, hardwood, or any number of other elegant trade show flooring options. We meticulously plan for the numerous potential interaction points within the booth.

These principles of great exhibit design also apply to graphics for branded environments in your corporate space. The experience a client or prospect has while walking through your lobby or showroom should be carefully crafted to achieve an effect that strengthens the relationship or helps facilitate the sale. It’s a skillset that our team of designers and strategists have honed over thousands of projects. 

Your Designers, Your Design

Apple Rock designers are adept at working with your in-house design team or your design and branding agency. With your brand experts acting as art directors for our display and branded environment designers, you’re guaranteed not only to have a positive experience in the trade show booth planning process, but also have a polished and successful presence at the show. 

We can jump in at any point in your planning process. Whether you provide rough sketches, detailed renderings, or build-spec documents, we’re happy to work with you. No matter when you bring us in, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our designers and engineers. 

We're Flexible and Ready

Whether you can already imagine every detail of your booth or you have no idea where to start, we can help. Our services have no limits when it comes to events and corporate engagements. We can create your booth, facilitate your show service arrangements, assist with staffing your booth, provide marketing and promotional support, supply needed audio/video equipment, and even help you gauge the success of your trade show display through measurable ROI.

We also provide custom design and build the packaging for your display to ensure that it arrives at the trade show intact and ready for assembly. Our complete and easy-to-follow setup instructions allow you to put your trade show display into place as quickly and easily as possible — or Apple Rock can do it for you. And after the show, we can refurbish and store your trade show display for you in preparation for its next use.

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