Modular Panels

Apple Rock’s innovative Xylea modular panel system is designed to be lighter, stronger and more cost effective than conventional materials.

We create our modular panels using a breakthrough material called Xylea-Wood, which is engineered to mimic the strength and stability of balsa wood. Apple Rock uses this state-of-the-art component to create displays, kiosks and slatwalls that are twice the strength of the standard material — plywood — while weighing 50 percent less. The material we use is thin enough to run through a flatbed printer, making it the only kind in the country that can be directly printed on. 

Our flexible design system allows panels and parts to be easily reconfigured. You can simply add or remove a few extra panels or connection points based on the space available.


Modular Panel Features:

  • Lightest, strongest wall product on the market
  • Innovative patented gravity cleating system means that all the panels fit together — every time — and require no tools
  • Reduces trade show service costs such as installation, dismantling, shipping and material handling
  • Slatwall and flatwall options, with direct-to-print graphic options
  • Environmentally friendly

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Modular display panels can be assembled without tools

Apple Rock's modular panels are perfect for displaying merchandise