Rent, lease or buy your trade show exhibit from Apple Rock?

Renting, Leasing or Purchasing Your Trade Show Display: Deep Thoughts

Apple Rock always says that "one size does not fit all" for trade show marketing exhibits.  It's easy to see how this applies to exhibit design (who wants to look like the booth next to you?). It is also true when paying for your exhibit.  With a variety of payment options, from owning to leasing to renting, you have lots of flexibility with how to pay for your trade show presence. At this time of year, renting your display may be a brilliant option.

Low Overhead with Trade Show Exhibit Rentals 

Renting your trade show exhibit gives you the ultimate flexibility, as you are able to tailor the exhibit to the specific industry, audience, booth space size, and marketing initiatives of each event.  In a rental, you avoid ownership costs such as repairs and storage.  You may also see significantly reduced shipping costs if you can rent close to the city instead of shipping your exhibit across the country and back. 

A rental does not necessarily have to be a one time thing!  You can opt for a multiple show rental.  Let’s say you have 3 large shows this coming year.  Design houses like Apple rock can create customized rentals that evolve for all three shows, and at the end of the year, you can start fresh with a completely new design for the following year if you choose.  There is also a rent-to-own option where, in most cases, we can spread the cost of your display over 3-4 shows, with the bulk of the cost incurred with the first show.

Display Rental Benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Customize as much as you want
  • Easily manage multiple events
  • Lower exhibit cost (usually)
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Shipping savings
  • Turnkey execution
  • Utilize a larger display than you could afford if purchasing
  • Try out a display design before buying

Leasing Exhibits Leverages Credit For Growth

Leasing provides you an effective alternative to paying cash or leveraging credit to acquire an exhibit.  This is especially helpful for companies who are looking to grow their business while also maximizing credit lines and cash flow.  A bonus is that financing your exhibit helps build credentials with any bank, and exhibit leasing also includes a tax benefit, as it is 100% tax deductible.  As a corporation, you can deduct the full purchase price for the exhibit purchased or financed in the current year.  Some leases have a purchase option built in so that you will own the exhibit outright at the end lease agreement.

Leasing provides a lot of flexibility for your budgeting.  If you do not have the budget dollars to commit to this transaction until next fiscal year, you can structure a lease where you have no payments until a certain to-be-determined date.  This will enable you to deploy your trade show booth now and not have to worry about payments until your operating budget funds become available next fiscal year.  Also, you can finance the entire transaction, so that not only includes the display itself, but you can finance the full 100% of the transaction including graphic design, crating, storage, engineering, shipping, etc.

With a variety of different financial options, there is a solution that best fits your financing objectives.  To make the best long term decision for your organization, reach out to one of our Design Consultants so that we can review your show schedule, as well as your exhibit and budget requirements.  When the time comes to make a final decision, we will help you identify the most logical solution for your company's situation.

Purchasing Custom Exhibit Displays is Long Term Value

If you plan to use an exhibit for three or more shows, purchasing is the ideal option.  That is because a rental is about one third the price of a purchase, in some cases by the time you have rented it a third time, you have paid the purchase price but do not have any ownership.  With a purchase, you have the utmost customization when designing your own exhibit, as the sky’s the limit for what can be used to build your one-of-a-kind design.  Financially, you can choose to amortize the expense, which means you can pay the money that is owed for your exhibit by making regular payments over a long period of time.  By spreading out the payments, you are able to avoid paying one lump sum at one time.

Is it Time For A Rental?

But at this late hour in the marketing calendar, time is of the essence. Renting shortens the overall production time (if you are organized and responsive). About 50% of our clients utilize our creative, custom rental solutions. As you are preparing for your 2019 show season, rental can be a very effective strategy for most. Let Apple Rock help you find the best solution to meet your design, schedule and budget needs. 

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