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Using Trade Show Exhibit Rentals for Custom Results

Some think renting trade show displays means cookie-cutter rental options picked from a catalog.  The truth is, one trade show display does not fit all! One size trade show display may not be accommodated by every venue or fit your marketing objectives for each show.  You want your display to update every year, you want it to stand out, with custom details and a high end feel.  You may need to scale your exhibit to fit larger spaces.  Rentals can satisfy all these needs without sacrificing on quality and they do it at a price point that can work for any business.   

Show Decorators may offer Limited Options

Settling for simple generic displays offered by show decorators will leave you blending in with the wallpaper.  Don't settle for these limited options, or compromise the integrity of your brand with a mediocre rental.   

Custom Trade Show Rentals

Custom trade show rentals allow you to adapt the look of your exhibit to meet your specific marketing objectives, and provide you the flexibility to target your marketing message and your graphics from show to show without being tied to that design long-term.

Apple Rock, has Custom Rental options that will impress. We believe design and functionality are too important to be excluded. For our custom display rentals, we mostly use materials we have here in-house; extrusion, matrix frames, custom cabinetry, etc., but we also design and build custom elements to achieve a specific look for a client at a fraction of the purchase price.


The Financial Implications of Renting

Apple Rock also offers a rent to own option in most cases, where we can spread the cost of your display over 3-4 shows, with the bulk of the cost incurred with the first show.

Another benefit of renting is the money you will save on shipping and storage. You can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars by renting a display closer to your venue city; even if you only do one show there a year.

Our goal is to be where our clients need us to be. Apple Rock offers clients options with our Las Vegas warehouse, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, and from the largest trade shows in the country.

For 28 years Apple Rock has exceled and grown organically by providing client solutions tailored to each individual design needs, budget, and marketing objectives. Before you decide to buy or rent from the general show cotractor, contact an Apple Rock in-house design consultant.


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