The Entire Trade Show Universe Can Be Rented: Let's Explore

Every style, size and layout of trade show display can be customized and rented. Utilizing a rental or rental/purchase combination does not limit booth creativity or effectiveness in any way and in fact may increase the flexibility of your event marketing program.

Trade Show Exhibit RentalsEvery Apple Rock display, booth and exhibit — purchase or rental — goes through the same exacting process of concept development and construction. Our trade show experts craft an inspired design concept that strategically meets your marketing goals.

Then a display is built right here in the U.S.A. that conforms to extremely high-quality standards using the best materials and craftsmanship — all backed by an extended warranty. The result is a unique trade show exhibit that is unique, functional and compelling on the show floor. A key difference is that renting eliminates storage and maintenance costs that can be associated with buying a permanent display.

Rental Purchase Hybrid Program


Trade Show Rentals Keep Your Marketing Presence Fresh

Even the biggest brands, from Fortune 500 to 5000, rent trade show displays from Apple Rock for events of all sizes. Our East Cost (Greensboro, Northern VA and New Jersey) and West Coast (Las Vegas) trade show rental warehouses are ready to serve you;  we are prepared to service shows or events anywhere in the country. If you display at multiple shows or the same show every year, renting also allows you to create a fresh new look from show to show or year to year.


If you are new to attending trade shows, renting is a good way to “get your feet wet" in the world of exhibiting. You can also "test drive" different display styles to determine the best fit for your brand and objectives.

The Same Quality, The Same Attention To Detail

Custom rental displays are available in any size and to fit any space. Select a rental line below to browse some of the products available. We also offer a huge selection of accessory rentals for existing or new displays. From furniture to AV to flooring, all aspects of the rental universe are at your fingertips when you work with a full-service trade show house.

All Sizes and Types of Displays Can be Rented:


Why Rent A Custom Display and Trade Show Accessories?

  1. Unique Display Design (not a cookie cutter “kit” display)
    An Apple Rock Custom Display is designed specifically for your brand and marketing objectives. Plus, a rental can be modified for each individual show you will be attending, allowing for complete flexibility based on the booth space size, target audience and marketing objectives.
  2. Cost of Ownership Savings
    Rentals help keep your overhead low, especially if you are exhibiting at multiple shows each year. Avoid the costs and time spent on storing, maintaining, repairing and insuring your own display by renting from Apple Rock.
  3. Apple Rock Pro Show Services
    Let the pros with decades of trade show experience handle the design, shipping, set up, tear down and storage of your rental display. Our goal is to make your job easier and create displays that are incredibly impactful with high ROI.
  4. Latest AV/Technology Integration
    A custom rental displays allows for easy integration of the latest technology into your display without the cost of revamping an existing setup. A myriad of cutting-edge display technology can be painlessly added to a custom rental display, including AR/VR and content development.
  5. Renting Carpeting, A/V, Lighting, Hanging Structures, Furniture, Event Signage
    Significant savings can be found in renting all of the periphery but essential items required to  execute a succesful trade show display booth program. Apple Rock rents everything you need so your budget goes to exactly what you need for the show itself instead of cost of ownership expenses. 
  6. Overall Cost and Time Savings
    Smart rental decisions can save your organization thousands of dollars over the course of a show year and make your life easier by letting Apple Rock handle many of the time-consuming details and logistics involved in owning a trade display.

Contact an Apple Rock consultant to find out more about rental details, or for assistance determining whether renting or buying is the best choice for you.