Rent An Amazing Island Display

A trade show island display rental from Apple Rock will help you command aisle space at your upcoming trade show event. By renting instead of buying, you can save money on storage and maintenance, and you can change up your display from event to event more easily and cost-effectively.

FInd Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

Inspired by some of the other big ideas we’ve built? Save and share these inspirations, or pin them to your Pinterest page. Be sure to request our Idea Book below for even more great ideas!

Shoda/USA Lube 20'x30' Custom Rental

Security Control 20'x40' Custom Rental

Battery Watering Technologies 50'x60' Custom Rental

Sakrete 40'50 Custom Rental Display

Sakrete 40'50 Custom Rental Display

Polar 30'x40' Custom Island Display

Krispy Kreme 20' by 50' Custom Island Display

Experian 20'x30' Custom Island Display

Aiken Labs 20'x20' Custom Island Display

Rentals Island Larger acosta 40x70

Rentals Island Larger delta cargo 20x60

Rentals Island Larger delta marin 30x50

Rentals Island Larger Puro Custom Rental

Rentals Island Larger ggi 30x80

Rentals Island novamelt 20x20

Rentals Island Larger Puro Custom Rental

Rentals Island Larger Puro Custom Rental

Get Inspired and Get a Free Quote

The IDEA BOX is where you can keep all your favorite trade show ideas.

Build your own custom catalog and fill it up with booths, kiosks, displays, and trade show designs and ideas that you like. Then save it, share it, or use it to get a free quote on your next project.