Your Corporate Lobby is a Key Part of Your Brand Impression

Krispy Kreme has become a household name…and for good reason. The sweet treat is sold in 731 stores in 21 countries around the world. Not only can the mere mention of their warm, sugary doughnuts signal the end of a well-intentioned diet, but their retro-inspired “hot doughnuts now” shops allow customers to watch as their favorite treats are coated by a waterfall of sugary glaze.

So, when the legendary doughnut maker wanted a new lobby display for their Winston-Salem, NC-based corporate headquarters, it was important that they capture all that energy and excitement, and translate it into an unforgettable customer experience.

The new, two-story, ceiling-to-floor lobby display -- which features oversized doughnuts floating and cascading down what appears to be a waterfall of glaze -- creates a unique experience for anyone who enters the space. Not only does it showcase the product, but it elevates the brand and gives visitors a reason to smile.

Creating a space that makes a solid first impression with visiting clients, vendors and prospects is critical to establishing and building relationships. A company’s lobby should be a strong representation of who the company is, what they do and the culture they embody.

From a practical perspective, there are additional factors to consider when embarking on a lobby makeover:

  • Do impromptu meetings occur in the space? If so, there may be a need for privacy or access to refreshments.
  • Do visitors typically spend more than 15 minutes waiting there? If so, consider adding an interactive tabletop where visitors can learn more about your company or read client case studies.

In the end, your corporate lobby should not feel like a waiting room. Spice it up using creative and engaging concepts that will excite and inspire your visitors to ask questions that can ultimately open the door to building a relationship with them.

For us this project was more than creating a memorable lobby display for Krispy Kreme, this project demonstrated our commitment to collaboration, innovation and customer satisfaction.

P.S. Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day, so make sure to stop by for a sweet treat!