Why Should I Attend CES 2014?

written by Dominque Ford, Event Marketing Specialist

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with more than 40 years of notable accomplishments, proclaims itself to be the “global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology” as well as the largest app event in the world.

CES is produced by the Consumer Electronics Association with a membership of more than 2 thousand companies that cross the spectrum of the Consumer Electronics Industry.

Why attend?

  1. CES reaches across global markets; the 2013 show had more than 36 thousand international attendees.
  2. It connects the industry with consumer electronics innovations to improve and introduce up-and-coming technology.
  3. The majority of attendees are comprised of senior-level executives and key decision-makers.

What types of exhibit space are available?

  • Open: a traditional exhibit space with footprints ranging from kiosks up to 10x10 and beyond.
  • TECHZONES: a community setting with themed areas, a bonus of exhibiting in this space is the amplified marketing to attendees, by the show promoter, promoting the TECHZONES.
  • Central Plaza’s Outdoor Exhibit Space: this space is for exhibitors looking to strengthen their experiential marketing by using a standard booth or unique footprint.

Additional benefits of CES include 6 days of programs introducing statistics and information giving you a sneak peek into the future; complimentary branding opportunities and even recognition by the top global media outlets such as ABC News, BBC, CNET, WIRED AND NPR.