Rayovac Custom Rental Display
Rayovac Custom Rental Display

When Does It Make Sense to Rent vs. Buy, or Both?

Trade show exhibit options have developed and changed over time, as it is not a static industry.  There is always something dynamic and creative that changes the way the exhibit world works, so as a result, everyone is looking for the utmost flexibility.  When you need an exhibit and are deciding between purchasing and renting, you will see that it is not that black and white - you can do both! 

Your exhibit space is larger. 

There will most likely be times when your exhibit space is larger for one specific show.  Perhaps you want to put your best foot forward and enlarge your space for the biggest industry show.  In this case, you can purchase an exhibit that fits your standard show size, but choose to rent additional pieces to fit the larger space.  This makes a lot of sense if you are in this larger space only once or twice a year.

You are promoting something special. 

If you have an exciting new product, service, or promotion that you want to highlight at a show, renting the structure to showcase it is a great way to draw attention to what’s new while not buying something you would only use once.

You want to try it out first. 

Looking to go in a new direction with an aspect of your exhibit, but nervous to take the leap?  If you have something you want to change, renting offers you a chance to test it out before determining it is a good fit for your wants and needs. 

You want to save budget dollars. 

Purchase the items you plan to use over and over, and rent those that may not get as much use. Or add rental elements, like interactive technology, to your existing booth to improve your product presentations and to better track your audiences interested for quicker follow-up. This cuts down on the overall cost of ownership, while still allowing you the flexibility you get with renting. 

Whoever said you can’t have the best of both worlds has not talked to Apple Rock.  We are here, backed with over 27 years of experience, to guide you to the best solution for your organization’s wants, needs, and goals. Whether it be a purchase, a rental, or a little bit of both!


Alison James, Event Marketer & Brand Enthusiast

Alison has been with Apple Rock for 12 years. She is not only an industry expert, but also an experienced brand ambassador for all her clients. When she is not working hard for her clients she is enjoying the thrills of parenthood, along with her husband, to their 12 month old son.