Using Hanging Structures in Corporate and Retail Enviroments

Hanging signs are known to be a staple of the trade show floor, however these structures can be used in your corporate space to further develop a visual representation of your brand. The right structural design can make can turn the vertical space of your lobby or retail store into an integral part of any branded environment, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters your space. Hanging structures allow you to bring your brand to life, whether it is a sign or unique item that truly represents your brand, like a life size doughnut. Having hanging structures brings people’s attention to your brand message in ways that traditional standing signage does not.

Tips for using hanging structures in your corporate space:

  •   Make sure the hanging structures are incorporated in your design from the start. They should add to the branded environment for    maximum effectiveness.
  • Hanging structures come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Be sure to pick the one that compliments your existing architecture. We can create completely custom shapes too.                                                           
  • Add personality to your branded environment with hanging structures that aren’t signs, like a doughnut.
  • If your hanging structure incorporates lighting, use the make sure there is an electrical outlet in the ceiling.
  • Keep the structure light by using fabric and extrusion.
  • Visually capture attention with bold graphics that are composed of mostly images.
  • Play off architectural elements for a custom look. 

Hanging structures can be utilized in many different ways to bring make your brand fly higher. Although, they are still a great way to attract attention on the trade show floor hanging signs, aerial light boxes or life-size specialty items really make your branded environment stand out from your competitors. Here at Apple Rock, we are not only trade show display experts, we use the lessons learned in the trade show industry to create eye catching branded spaces that will resonate well with your customers.

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