Updating Your Trade Show Exhibit - Cost-Effective & High Impact Updates

It’s the halfway point of the 2011 trade show year and the time when many exhibit managers are looking for cost effective, yet impactful methods to re-vitalize their exhibits for the 2nd half of the year.

Updated trade show display lighting - simply adding or changing the lighting methods in your exhibit can create a new and different ambience for an existing exhibit. For example, backlighting new products/services will draw your prospects eye to your key message. Create an interesting illumination in your space (up lighting, side lighting, color hue lighting) to draw the attendees to your space - like moths to light. A simple switch from halogen lights to the whiter, brighter LED lighting makes a huge impact, and is more energy efficient. Programmable lighting and motion sensor lighting are now more attainable and affordable to the masses.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to refresh your exhibit – think about your flooring! A trade show flooring change can change the look and presence of your exhibit.  At the Exhibitor Show I noticed flooring’s role in catching the eye of the passerby more than ever before. High gloss vinyl flooring in solids and prints, with logo application, directional application, games and more enlighten the space literally from the floor up!

Other options include:

  • Rollable flooring with hardwood flooring look, stone look, custom print look
  • Bamboo for the sustainable
  • Rentable raised hardwood flooring
  • Simply change your carpet to bolder, brighter colors (basic gray, black and blue are dull)
  • Inlaid carpet designs to create flow through the booth, branding on the floor
  • Custom Printed carpet with your design and artwork

Many flooring options other than carpet are now available for rental to get you through that one show, or to test drive it before you buy.