Turn It Around With Technology

We all know that technology is the biggest trend in not only the tradeshow industry, but globally. With all these technological advances and tools, what’s the best way to attract attendees at your next show or event by using it?

Technology is completely turning customer engagement on its head by providing methods for you to interact with customers in a non-threatening manner. If you create an escape for customers in your booth space, like offering digital information centers, incorporated with charging stations and hospitality opportunities, they’re more likely to spend more time in your area.

For example, gamification is a huge trend in the trade show industry due to the engagement and entertainment factors. There are numerous directions with which you can include gamification technology in your booth, from photo booths to contests.

The Customer Experience

Interactive kiosks and charging stations enhance the customer experience by allowing for self-discovery and downtime from the hustle and bustle of the trade show floor.

Interactive kiosks can act as self-service stations, inviting attendees to interact with your brand on their terms. Including a variety of materials – from product brochures, photos, videos, surveys, social media and games - allows the attendee to create their own personalized experience, resulting in positive interaction and immediate lead generation from their session.

Offering charging stations for the attendees is a nice, inexpensive convenience. It also presents opportunities for you to interact with potential clients for extended periods of time.

A good way to test drive new technology in your booth space is to rent interactive kiosks or counters for your next event. Renting technology such as Apple Rock’s interactive table is an attention-grabbing way to draw people into your display space. The exclusive ADAPT large-format interactive touch screens are custom-programmed and branded to provide your prospects with useful product information, interface with the web, and immediately generate leads for your sales staff. This technology allows you to reduce your literature and provides metrics after the show. By renting instead of buying, you can save money on storage and maintenance, and you can change up your display from event to event more easily and cost-effectively. 

Show that you are on the cutting edge of technology at your upcoming trade show or event by using technology to enhance the customer experience and gain valuable leads for ROI.