Trade Show Strategy & Planning - Only 20 Weeks to Plan for 1st Quarter 2012

If you think this sounds like plenty of time to plan for your large event - think twice!

NOW is the time to begin working on your exhibit plan for the large 1st quarter shows like CES, World of Concrete, Natural Products Expo West and more. Custom island displays, for example, require 16 to 20 weeks to complete the process from conceptual design through delivery. Even a custom trade show rental exhibit requires similar lead time. Early planning allows for economies to get the most for your spend and to develop a well thought out and executed total program.

Early planning allows savings in multiple areas:

•Most compelling design for your dollar

•Adequate build time reduces overtime labor hours – more spend towards properties and brand essence

•Time for preview and modifications rather than onsite show labor

•Advance shipping to warehouse at show site

•Lower shipping costs

•Best travel rates to show site for early booking

•Discount show site rates for services

Now is the time to begin the planning for your 1st Quarter shows allowing you, your team and your exhibit house to develop the best strategy, design and execution maximizing your event spend!