Trade Show Presentation Tips - Engaging Attendees with Demos & Presentations

The most successful trade show booths invite attendees to be involved and participate in activities!  Demonstrations and presentations gives you more face time with prospective customers.  Thought they were the same thing? The differences are subtle in execution, but substantial in end result depending on your target audience.

Demonstrations allow your prospective customers the chance to touch, feel, see, and taste your product or service.  It can be as informal as having your products out to touch or taste to a formal demonstration that includes group participation and engagement.  A memorable demonstration is one that the visitor is able to experience first-hand why they need your product or service.

Presentations can be product or service focused where you discuss the features and benefits, but can also dive into other topics relevant to your audience’s needs.  A presentation where you can use your expertise and experience in the industry will give you credibility that will translate to sales.

A dynamic demonstration or presentation will engage your prospects and arouse their interest in a way a stagnant display will not. Providing attendees with a small taste of experiential marketing will surely be remembered – especially when decision time comes!