Trade Show Literature - Is Yours Getting Trashed?

You have designed, printed, and shipped your literature for your upcoming show.  Your display area is well-equipped with a snazzy new literature display stand. As you welcome attendees into your booth and offer it to them, do you know how much of it actually makes it back to the attendee’s offices?  Unfortunately, estimates say that over half of printed literature never makes it out the door, much less to the hands of the decision makers.

What can you do?

  1. You can bring an individual sales sheet, that’s what you can do!  Give attendees information on the specific product or service they are interested in (which is all they really care about anyway!), and the single sheet is much more likely to make it back and be reviewed later on.
  2. Consider bringing a printer to the show.  After meeting with a potential customer, you can print the customized interest just for them – and even add personalization (their name, your contact information, and a note about what you discussed).  If you don’t want to print on-site, you can always follow up after the show by either e-mailing or mailing the literature directly to the contact, which will lead to further communication!
  3. Want to be more green?  Save your catalogue or PDFs on a flash drive.  It is small, easy to transport, and can provide attendees with a plethora of information.  Or display QR codes so attendees can use their smart phones to access PDFs or a direct link to your web site.

Be sure to consider your targeted audience and determine what form of literature is best for them.  While a technical group may love the access they get using your QR code, a different audience would prefer you mailing them personalized sales sheets with a hand written note, just from you!