Contemporary lounge seating gives high-end look.

Trade Show Furniture,The Afterthought

OK. The design is done. Your trade show booth is being built. Custom Flooring – check. Lighting – check. What have you forgotten? Oh yeah, furniture for your booth.

Why should furniture be on your check list? Including furniture in your booth will add an inviting feel to your space so that attendees can come in and relax. Providing comfortable, stylish relaxation not only draws attendees to your display, but also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your prospective customers.

Furniture is an often overlooked piece of the booth pie and many people find it insignificant. Truthfully, it can make or break your design. Creating an open and inviting booth space is essential to draw attendees to your display. Furniture is also one of the easiest ways to update the look of your display.

Event furnishing is a growing market with many options for size, shape, color, material, you even have the option to rent or buy. Work with your display designer to select and incorporate furniture that matches the look, design, and feel of your display. Basic furnishings will stick out like a sore thumb, but furniture that has been selected to compliment your display will really embrace the branded look you are aiming for.

Deciding on your event furnishing budget is the first step to determining the amount of furniture you can order. Trendy, stylish and functional furniture is readily available to meet your needs for rent or purchase. Whether you are looking to fill your space with furniture for an informal lounge area, or upscale meeting area, what you select can make a difference in the expression of good design or bad.

At Apple Rock we know that every last detail is important, that is why we always include furnishing in our designs. Contact us today to help you complete the look.