Trade Show Furniture - Choosing the Right Exhibit Furniture

While spending hours and hours designing our display and graphics, why do so many of us throw basic, stock furniture into our booth space?  That hard, uncomfortable chair or chipped black table are just not acceptable!  Think about the purpose of this furniture, and you will probably come up with two main goals:

Incorporate furniture that matches the look, design, and feel of your display. The basic furnishings will stick out like a sore thumb, but furniture that has been selected just for you will really embrace the branded look you are aiming for.  The offerings for trade show furniture have really grown with new contemporary and innovative designs.  Whether you are going for a trendy vibe or a conservative look, we have the furnishings to match.

Make it comfortable! Ideally you want your prospective customers to enter your space and feel relaxed.  They have been walking and standing on concrete most of the day, so a little respite on a comfortable couch is just what the doctor ordered!  This also gives you ample opportunity to sit back and get quality time with your prospective customers.

The next time you start picking out furniture for your display, take some time to look at the style, form, and function of your options. Consider rental furniture for trade shows if transporting your own isn't cost feasible, or if the event requires some one-off pieces. Regardless, furnishing your booth with furniture that matches your brand and allows your customers to be comfortable will make their experience a memorable one!