Trade Show Flooring - Finding The Best Option For Your Booth

Our clients ask us fairly frequently for tips on reducing costs and maintaining a competitive edge against their competitors - when every dollar and strategic decision that you can employ in producing your events can save money over the long run. Many organizations think that trade show flooring for their booth or exhibit is an easy place to reduce expense by getting whatever is easiest and cheapest. However, this isn't always the case.

As a whole, the trade show industry creates huge waste - consider the piles of rental carpet that must be generated just to be used once at a show. In some cases, it really is best to ship purchased flooring to the show, rather than renting for one-off usage. Even if you only get 2 or 3 shows out of the carpet, you've helped reduce waste and saved some money at the same time.

Also, consider the benefits of a more carefully-selected approach to flooring. Any time your company has the option to upgrade to one inch padding, it is a win for your customers and your staff - this option is highly recommend. Take some time to research what's available; by simply adding two color carpet or wood floor accents, you can quickly & easily bring a splash of style and color to your booth.  Remember that the floor space of your exhibit is usually the largest area you've got! Don't waste it with drab carpeting or mats - take advantage of this space to further enhance the branding and presentation of your business.

Don't write off flooring as an area to go cheap - if you can upgrade it for a few shows or more, you can help the environment, save costs, and improve your first impression while standing out over the sea of sameness in grey carpet.