What you should know before ExhibitorLIVE22

Top 5 Things to Know Before ExhibitorLIVE22

Every day we engage with new and existing Exhibitors who have actively participated in shows for the 2021-2022 year and are planning for 2023. We have also been in touch with many Exhibitors who have taken smaller spaces or just sat out the last 12 months, waiting to see what is going to happen with Events, Conferences and Private Events. The jury is back, and Live Events are back, but they are different from the Pre-Pandemic era.

Here are the Top Five things to know before ExhibitorLIVE22.

  1. Your exhibit should be designed with extra space. Attendees want to feel welcome, and don’t want to feel crowded, but they are very much aware when a space is clean, uncluttered, and bright. We call this “Covid-Consciousness.” We have all been affected by it and it is still very much a part of our lives. Be considerate of others and aware of crowding, and you will likely have more attendees in your exhibit.
  2. Double Deck Exhibits continue to trend. By not going larger in floor space, but by going up, literally, double deck exhibits set a powerful tone and offer attendees a more exclusive experience, an aerial view of the show and an area for more intimate discussions.
  3. The Crowds and Exhibitors are down from 2019, allowing you to have more time to speak to the right people, with less fluff and more substance. Provide sitting areas and a place to talk.  In years past there was often not enough time to speak to your most interested visitors. Now you can.
  4. LED Seamless Tiles are everywhere, and the Show Floor is no different. IF you can afford the step up in Size, the LED tiles are brighter, and offer up to 4K Resolution.  When coupled with sound, LED Seamless Tiles can help to create an immersive experience.
  5. Your Exhibit Design starts from the ground up with Flooring. Flooring can assist in creating comfort, especially during a long day standing on the exhibit floor, and floor theming ties into the exhibit for a rich visual & emotional response.

These Top 5 are not the only things to consider for your upcoming Strategy, to create Powerful Imagery and Design. However, they are very important.

Remember, it is better to keep meeting your customers and prospects, then not attending a show at all. There is always a way to exhibit that will be a win/win for both the Exhibitor and the Attendee. It’s not about the money spent as much as it is about the Strategy, Design and Execution.

If you are coming to ExhibitorLIVE, we can’t wait to meet you and see how we can help.  If you’re unable to attend, we can catch up after. 

Keep Exhibiting; it will always provide you a valuable return if done thoughtfully.