Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive at Your First Trade Show


Exhibiting in a trade show for the first time can be extremely overwhelming, but know you are not alone.  If fact, E2MA reports that 40% of people attending a trade show are there for the first time too. Apple Rock knows that knowledge is power, so we want to share a few tips with you to help ease the anxiety of exhibiting in your first trade show.

  1. If you can attend a trade show before planning your exhibit, do so, especially if you have never been to one before.
  2. Plan Ahead! Although the actual exhibiting portion of a trade show is short, the planning process is long. You should start preparing for the show a year in advance.
  3. Set goals and objectives for your company’s exhibit. Use tangible numbers when possible to make measuring ROI easier after the show. Then clearly communicate this information to your staff.
  4. Create a timeline and KEEP UP WITH IT. Planning an exhibit is time consuming full of many moving parts, pieces and deadlines (which can be expensive if missed).
  5. Formulate a good pre and post show marketing plan. Decide how you will let people know you are exhibiting at a particular show (direct mail, social media etc.). Following up after the show is important, stick with the plan you created.
  6. Book travel and hotel accommodations early to ensure you get the best deals and are close to the venue.
  7. The personal appearance of your booth staff matters, a lot. Make sure they are dressed professionally with comfortable shoes.
  8. Take tradeshow survival kits with you. You should have a first aid kit, tool and cleaning kit and office supply kit.
  9. Prepare for long days. Don’t drink too much the night before and make sure you stay hydrated during the show.
  10. Don’t try to do it all alone. Let an experienced face-to-face event marketing company, like Apple Rock help with all of your exhibition needs.

These tips barely skim the surface when it comes to everything involved in exhibiting in a trade show. However this is a good place to start if you want to become known as the qualified #leadschamp in your industry. If these tips leave you with more questions, please contact an Apple Rock consultant today.