The Role of Architecture in Branded Enviroments

When architecture and design marry designers and decorators can create beautiful experiences for any audience. When a building is first constructed it creates the foundation for you to build something better. Whether the space is new or old, it is important to accept the space for what it is and use the existing structure to accentuate your story. Old spaces should be stripped of previous interpretations and reconstructed to reflect your brand.

There is a delicate balance between interior design and the environment that is being transformed. Architecture and space affect design tremendously and should be taken into account in order to create amazing branded environments. Good designers will use the architecture as inspiration when designing a branded space. When we work with clients on any branded space project our team first surveys the space, taking into consideration all the materials, textures and lighting that are present.  We also take the following aspects into account before starting the design process.

  • Existing space elements to use or hide.                                                                                     
  • Is the space historical or modern?
  • Company branding including colors and shapes.
  • Goals-what experience do you want your customer, vendors and employees to have? Warm, soothing energetic, etc.
  • Designing for the space-proportional furniture, accentuating tall ceilings or architectural elements.

The existing architecture plays a significant role in the space that is being transformed into an individual branded environment. All aspects of the building should be taken into account in the design phase in order to avoid costly changes down the road. Remember that the visual feel has an immediate impact of people entering your branded environment. Colors, textures and lighting evoke emotion and affect how people view your brand, company and product. A well designed branded environment will create a welcoming atmosphere of visual continuity throughout the entire space, accentuating the important elements that define the space. Let the branded space experts at Apple Rock help bring your brand to life with an amazing branded lobby, office or retail environment.  

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