Renting carpet for trade show booth displays and exhibits

Choosing Carpet Rental for Trade Show and Conference Booths

Carpet is the often forgotten fifth wall of your trade show exhibit.

It adds an important visual component to your booth that can direct the attendees to all the places you want them to visit, or simply offer a few moments of relief to their tired feet from walking around on the hard concrete. It is also comforting to your booth staff, who will be is standing on it all day. Renting carpet is a great way to reduce cost, especially if you only exhibit a few times a year. The question is do you rent from a third-party vendor or does the design house you are working with, for the actual exhibit, offer this service?

Carpet should compliment your brand and booth design, and be clean and not worn or dirty looking. Renting carpet from Apple Rock will save you money because the rental price includes the padding and labor. Keep in mind that the padding is more important than the grade of carpet, especially since you will only use it a few times. When renting carpet from Apple Rock we make sure, with a high degree of accuracy, that the electrical and internet cables are correctly placed within your space before ever laying the carpet. This is something many show decorators often overlook.

Apple Rock is socially responsible and takes an environmentally-friendly approach to carpet disposal. After carpet has been rented a few times, the carpet is repurposed into lining for the crates we ship booths in. This keeps a lot of used carpet out of the landfills each year, reducing the negative impact trade shows can have on the environment.  

Renting carpet from your design house makes sense. It’s cost effective, less stress and when you rent from Apple Rock you know you are getting world class service from a company who strives to be environmentally-friendly. Having an exhibit that represents your brand from the floor up will help you become a qualified #leadschamp by attracting more visitors to your booth and increasing the reach of your company’s brand. Do you have a carpet horror story? We would love to hear about it!


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