Reinvent your existing trade show exhibit

How To Refresh Your Current Trade Show Booth

Well designed and solidly built trade show displays will last for years. But your marketing goals, branding, color schemes and photography change constantly. The size of the shows you are attending may be increasing, but your budget to create a brand new booth is probably not. Do your lead generation goals change from show to show? There are many time-saving and budget-saving ways to update, revitalize and even repurpose your existing trade show display.

Change The Look of the Display:
  • Graphics: Updating your graphics is one of the easiest, quickest and most visually impactful way to change look and feel. Many of our clients will change their graphics from show to show so they can maximize their message based on the type of show they are attending or the audience they are targeting. This is also a relatively inexpensive way to make dramatic visual changes to your booth setup without having to make major structural alterations.
  • Lighting: Lightboxes, color changing lights, LED accents and distinctive product lighting can transform your exhibit without a great deal of cost. Lighting technology is always evolving so new options, especially in color programming capabilities are constantly being introduced.
  • Flooring: a change in the color or style of your booth floor can make a very dramatic visual change, as well as a sensory difference from carpet to wood or tile or vice-versa. And now there is data-collecting flooring technology that allows you to capture valuable insights on how visitors move through and interact with your display.
  • Hanging Signs: attract more attention on the show floor with a towering hanging structure. Different shapes and sizes are available as G7 printing capability means the sky is the limit visually. Motion and dramatic lighting options can add a huge amount of flair to your presentation for a relatively small budget allocation.
  • Reconfiguration: the physical layout of your display can often be altered, changing the exhibit appearance and functionality without having to start from scratch. Different shows have different floorplans and booth layout can be adapted to fit each show.
Upgrade the Functionality of the Booth:
  • Touch Screen Interactive Technology: get booth visitors involved with your brand by using advanced touch screen technology on vibrant LED screens. Provide customized information, gather priceless customer data and generate more leads with this hands-on add-on option.
  • Lead Generation Technology: Coupled directly with Interactive Technology, trade show lead generation has taken huge leaps forward with badge scanning, customized presentation and data send tools. Your old booth can become a new lean and mean lead generating machine with the easy integration of new technologies.
  • Add-on Modular display sections: Do you have different size footprints from show to show? Your existing booth can be used as your core display and then rent additional display components to effectively use your booth space.

The experts at Apple Rock will work directly with you to get the most life out of your existing display with the many “Booth Refresh” options listed above. Your existing booth may have many years of serviceable life left with visual and/or functional changes. We can work with any budget to breathe new life into your trade show display.

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