Public Relations & Social Media in the Face to Face Marketing Mix

How does PR fit into the mix of Face to Face marketing? Over the past two decades a small but ever increasing percentage of companies have been ramping up their public relations efforts. As an industry leading firm in the event marketing business, we’ve grown with this movement. The value of trade shows, conventions, and other face-to-face events has been proven over and over, and we’ve seen companies use our trade show services in conjunction with traditional media advertising to great effect.

However, the media outlets have shifted from traditional trade magazines and newspapers. The new audience is blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, and individual viral messaging. Rather than passively receiving “push marketing” designed and developed by the advertiser, the audience has become the most powerful influence in the world. Not only seen as more credible by their peers, the reach of one individual has never been greater - reviews and blog posts be seen by thousands or viewed on YouTube by millions.

One consequence of this newfound power is that businesses now have, more than ever, more noise to cut through. With entertainment, culture, and knowledge at your audiences’ fingertips, it takes an incredibly innovative and engaging approach to keep them from clicking away within the first 5 seconds. Challenge yourself and ask how can you deliver this kind of value through your PR efforts.

Our recommendation is to take this knowledge and internalize it; realize the tectonic shift in your brand must appeal to your audience. Craft your message carefully and package it in a way that takes into account a) how you want to be seen, perceived, and discussed and b) how your intended audience will react and judge that message.