Promoting Events through Direct Mail

Raise your visibility in the market. Send out a hand-written note or effective sales letter as a personable way to let potential attendee’s know you want them at your event. Making a personalized letter, or hand-written letter, conveys exclusivity. These types of direct mailers single out the consumer and let them know that you personally want them to join you at your event. If you don’t have the time to sit down and hand write all invitations, you could always create a generic letter and personalize their name.

It is imperative that you do not send out bulk mail because they tend to be ineffective and a waste of paper. To solve this problem you need to define your goals and then set your target audience. People who are targeted are those who would be interested in coming to your event, hearing about your event, or may be interested in a special offer. Then you make the outside nice and pretty. Put your company logo or message on the outside; decide what kind of envelopes to use, how to stuff your material, and what material will be placed inside the envelope. Then you need to creatively develop the message you want to get across to the consumer, so you can stand out from any other direct mailers your audience may have already received. You can get creative and slip in a card that can be presented at your event for a special offer. This special offer can be a prize, or an entry into winning a prize, anything enticing the consumer to join you at your event.