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Printer Palooza: The Magic of Dye Sublimation & Latex Printing

By Roger Noel, MA

Trade shows offer the unique perspective of personal interaction.  They bring exhibitors face-to-face with potential customers in a way that surpasses any other marketing channels.  However, attendees need to be able to find you, so your exhibit needs to stand out from the crowd.  Like really stand out.

Maximizing your visibility at a trade show is vital to increasing traffic to your exhibit, because increased traffic can lead to more interactions with potential clients, which in turn can grow your company’s sales.  Your company may have prime real estate on the trade show floor, but if your exhibit is uninspiring and doesn’t command attention, it’s just going to be camouflaged in a sea of competitors.  

To attract visitors, you need an exhibit that is fresh, bold and interesting, but one that projects a professional image.  Custom printing of large format banners, signage, posters, and booth graphics are ideal for catching people’s attention and capturing that “wow” factor that exhibitors aspire to. 

Thanks to the digital revolution, we’re no longer limited to printing mainly on paper; we can now print on nearly any medium including metal, glass, acrylic, cloth, and wood, to name just a few.

Hanging structures are used at trade shows, retail spaces and museums to attract visitors’ attention, because they “float” high above a trade show exhibit.  The vertical space above a display is valuable real estate, especially given the fact that in a trade show hall, a hanging sign displaying your brand can be seen from virtually anywhere on the show floor. 

Hanging structures and signs are also beneficial for retail spaces and museums.  Their designs are limited only by the imagination. The size, shape, angle, color, printing, lighting and even motion can be customized to create any look or effect you desire. The sky literally is the limit!

Apple Rock has recently invested in innovative printing technology by adding two specialized printers to its arsenal:  the HP Stitch S1000 dye sublimation printer and HP R1000 Flatbed Latex Printer.

The HP Stitch S1000 Dye Sublimation Printer

Dye-sublimation is a complex yet simple process that’s performed by using a special ink that is converted from a solid to a gas, which penetrates the surface that it’s being transferred to and solidifies to create a permanent image. 

The S1000’s four, 10-liter ink cartridges provide deep blacks, vivid colors, and high-resolution with 1200 native dpi and can print on both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric with great results—ideal for lightweight, hanging signs.

Apple Rock's HP Stitch S1000

HP R1000 Flatbed Latex Printer
The HP R1000 transforms both rigid and flexible surface printing in ways never before thought possible, and uses white latex ink.  The R1000 achieves glossy white on surfaces like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic and acrylic, while preserving the image, and resists yellowing over time. 

Applications for the R1000 include indoor signage on transparent or opaque surfaces, trade show graphics, vehicle wraps, retail & museum space, and outdoor signage. 

A technician printing on 1/2 inch plywood with the HP R1000

Bringing dye sub and latex printing in-house benefits not only Apple Rock, but our clients as well, especially in terms of delivery times and shipping costs.

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