Portable and Pop Up Displays from Apple Rock

The Portable Display: 5 Reasons Why It Might Be A Perfect Booth For You

Massive trade shows with gigantic displays and big budgets are the backbone of our industry. But what if you also need to be more flexible with a self-contained display unit that anyone can assemble for your small shows or local events? Apple Rock solves your portability problem with the affordable Pop Up and FabLite line of displays.Pop up portable display from Apple Rock

5 Reasons Portable Displays Might Work For You:

  1. Cost: Portable displays are extremely affordable and less expensive to maintain and repair than larger modular or custom booths.
  2. Flexibility: promotional tours, smaller trade shows, conferences, corporate functions and unexpected sales opportunities call for the ability to put your display into the truck and go.
  3. Quick Turnaround: do you need a display booth in a hurry? Apple Rock can produce a portable display - banner stand, pop up or FabLite system - in no time with beautiful printed graphics and even LED Screen and touchscreen integration.
  4. Branding/Image Changes: the beauty of Pop Up and portable systems is that they allow you to quickly swap out graphics while keeping the framework the same. FabLite even offers dual branding opportunities with its two-sided pillowcase graphic.
  5. Easy Set-Up: your sales or marketing team can assemble and take down a portable display with little hassle, and most of the time by themselves.

FabLite Displays feature easy to assemble tube frames with pillowcase dye sub graphics that pull down over the frame and zip closed. No tools or extra labor is needed. They are lightweight, durable and transportable.

Pop Up displays feature a collapsible frame system that are also easy to store and transport and most can be assembled and taken down by one person. Easily installed magnetic graphics makes them another convenient option for displays on the go.

For the occasional larger event, these scalable designs allow you to easily add other systems to an existing Pop Up or FabLite display. The adaptable nature of these portable systems from Apple Rock makes them the most flexible display solutions on the market. Plus, they are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Easily increase your portable display inventory from one to one-thousand or more and let us handle the details. Apple Rock creates them, maintains them, stores them, updates the graphics when needed and ships them to wherever they need to go. This cuts down on the logistical headaches associated with mobile marketing projects.

Contact Apple Rock for more information about portable displays and the many ways they can be used to cut costs and increase your ROI in the right situation.

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