Best Practices for the Perfect New Product Launch

After weeks, months, and sometimes years of designing, creating, engineering, building, and testing a new product, you are probably ready to yell from the rooftops, telling anyone and everyone about it.  While you may already be doing that (there’s no shame in that – you are proud!), it’s also a good idea to plan a formal product launch.  Trade shows are a great place to do so as they place you smack dab in the middle of your targeted demographic.  The attendees are a live, captive audience that are itching for the opportunity to discover new, innovative products.  With some pre-show planning and show time strategies, the show floor will be buzzing about what’s new.


  • Industry Publications.  Many publications publish a trade show edition, which will be in the hands of many attendees as they start planning their trip to the show.  Keep in mind that a published magazine or paper will require some lead time, so you will need to provide them with the necessary information and product images well before anything is printed.
  • Pre-Show Marketing.  Reach out through personal invitations, e-mails, and social media to give people a specific reason to stop by your booth and generate a buzz about your launch well before it begins.  Share teasers about the product, as well as show information, to keep them updated, informed, and interested. 
  • Media.  The media will be talking up everything new, different, and special going on at the show, so you will want to take advantage of this high level of exposure.  In partnership with your product manager and marketing and PR departments, complete a detailed press kit with photos and all pertinent information that you want attendees to know about.
  • New Product Showcase.  Some shows offer a private area that promotes only new products, and you will not want your product to be missed.  This puts your product into an additional location on the show floor and may catch the eye of attendees who have not stopped in your booth.
  • Personalized Landing Page.  Creating a page specifically for your product is a great tool to use while on the show floor, as it directs prospects specifically to the new product information, while also giving them an easy way to access the rest of your web site should they want more information about your company and its offerings.

During The Show

  • Official Product Launch.  Celebrate your new product!  Early on in the show, you can conduct a formal unveiling, which will draw crowds, excitement and energy.  Those passing by will see the gathering of attendees and be more inclined to stop in and see what’s going on.
  • Demonstrations.  Instead of fielding questions about how the product works, show them first!  Whether you run hands on demonstrations or utilize technology, a more interactive experience will give attendees a powerful experience that leaves a lasting memory.  
  • Staff.  When introducing a new product, bring along the team members who can help deliver comprehensive and informative product information, such as your product manager, marketing manager, designer, and engineer.  They can prove to be a great resource for in-depth questions.
  • Photos And Videos.  Keep the buzz going during and after the show by sharing photos and videos.  A bonus of capturing these moments is that you can share these going forward with prospects and others who were unable to come to the show.

The energy and electricity on the trade show floor is difficult to emulate anywhere else.  Capitalize on this very engaging event that will put your new product into the spotlight!


Alison JamesEvent Marketer & Brand Enthusiast

 Alison has been with Apple Rock for 12 years. She is not only an industry expert, but also an experienced brand ambassador for all her clients. When she is not working hard for her clients she is enjoying the thrills of parenthood, along with her husband, to their young son.