New Product Announcements at Trade Shows

An attendee at a trade show has the goal of gathering the newest information, products, and services available in their industry.  They haven’t traveled across the country to see what is and has been available for the last few years – they want to see what’s NEW, DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE!

As an exhibitor, you want to stimulate your audience and create excitement for your brand.  A tried and true way to do this is through a new product or service that you unveil in your trade show space.  You can build up excitement by sending out invitations and utilizing your social media outlets.  You determine how much you include – some spell out exactly what is coming whereas some give just a tiny bit of information to spark their interest and to encourage them to come to the booth for the full product/service roll out.  As for the actual unveiling, you can determine a specific date and time for it to appear, you can spotlight it throughout the show, or even keep it hidden to show to high level prospects.  After the show, you can broadcast the news and give customer reactions, which will reinforce your brand and new product or service.

Showcasing something new establishes you as an innovative, forward-thinking company, and when you debut this in your booth, you are sure to see a spike in interest!