Lightweight & Portable Trade Show Displays: The Power of the Popup

Some of the Apple Rock team just got back from DC where we spent three days learning about Nomadic. It solidified why they are considered one of our most valued vendors. Nomadic is the Ferrari of popups, and with good reason. A tour of the factory adds a whole new meaning to American ingenuity and our beloved “made in the USA” tagline. As we walked through the 150,000 sq / ft factory we witnessed a well-oiled machine that produces a product that is superior to competitors. A thirty minute conversation regarding the connectors for their classic popup shows the research and development that went to into this small part. The metal on metal construction that’s encased a polyurethane housing provides the strength and flexibility required for a NQA (No Questions Asked) warranty on the hardware. You could run over the frame in your truck and send it in for a replacement if it’s damaged, though we would not suggest actually doing that as a test!

The design of the pop up trade show display is even more impressive. Imagine one of those large expanding sphere toys you played with as a kid. The same concept applies to their design; allowing an 8’ high by 10’ wide display break down to a 3’ high by 1.5’ wide unit with the flick of a wrist. Seeing a structure of that size being put up in less than five seconds is pretty amazing. Attaching the graphics is just as simple, just attach the magnetic struts and then hang the graphic panels which self-align to the magnets. The whole display can be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

People fail to factor in the stress of traveling, finding the right location, and all of the other hurdles that are involved when attending a trade show. It is after overcoming those hurdles when a quick and easy design is truly appreciated. Nomadic has nailed it. You can hear the collective sigh of relief from future stressed employees who are tasked with putting up their trade show booth.