Light Up Your Booth Like 4th of July Fireworks

As the 4th of July is upon us, everyone is preparing to celebrate the day with good food, good friends, and of course, the much anticipated fireworks.  Fireworks make the day special and memorable, and of course it made me think of how lighting can impact the impression of your booth at a show.

Traditional front lighting that hangs from the top of the exhibit to light the front is easy to do. Have you considered up lighting or back lighting to change the focus? The idea of going to an industry show is to stand out amongst your competition, not blend in – attract your audience, draw them in and increase your leads. Lighting can help grab the attention of passer byers, near and afar. Many of our clients use directed lights to light their hanging sign so that people entering the hall can immediately pick them out of the crowd.

Trade show display lighting can be strategic. For example, backlighting can be used to make an important image, or part of an image, really pop out from the rest. Color lights, or color changing lights, will also distinguish you from the sea of white lights in the hall. Just as fireworks draw your eyes to the sky, inventive and well-designed lighting make your exhibit stand out and shine above the competition.

Don’t settle for standard – light the path in inventive ways.