Interactive Trade Show Displays - Incorporating Technology in Your Entertainment Strategy

Creating “buzz” on the trade show floor is pivotal to increasing meaningful traffic to your exhibit area.  Exposing your products and sales message to more visitors generates a greater prospect pool for your trade show sales team in which to pre-qualify leads and generate sales.  Effective trade show planning is key!

Savvy exhibitors are continuing to deploy new and creative methods to attract booth visitors, such as creating more dynamic trade show display graphics with the use of QR codes which adds more engagement and measurable metrics.  Other methods range from creative lighting techniques to giving away gourmet treats and unusual promotional items to attract crowds.

To bring immersive media to the exhibit floor, Apple Rock has developed an in-house solution for interactive trade show displays. Called "Eyeclick", our system is equipped with innovative technology that reacts when human movement is detected, allowing your visitors to interact with a projected image.  This groundbreaking, interactive media display brings more visitors to your booth and keeps them engaged longer.

It is key to find a unique, highly-appealing concept that compliments your sales message and allows your booth staff the opportunity to engage each visitor thus showcasing your products or services.

Having trade show staff encourage event visitors to participate in fun, engaging activity at your booth is an effective way to initiate communication and begin the relationship-building process with potential buyers.

Unique, enjoyable trade show entertainment entices event attendees to visit your exhibit if they were not aware of your company before.  If they enjoy what you have to offer, they will remember the experience and most importantly, your product or service.

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