Innovating On The Trade Show Floor: Bringing LORD Products to Life

Guest Writer Jon WolFf,
Event Specialist at LORD CorporatION


"With hundreds of exhibitors on the showroom floor, it's important to break through the clutter and attract more visitors to LORD's trade show booth instead of blending in with our competitors. 

As part of a new trade show strategy to increase engagement and leads, we've added interactive demonstrations leveraging high-tech, interactive technology. Bringing LORD products to life has helped amplify our position as an innovative company. 

Last year, we began a new partnership with a U.S. custom displays vendor, Apple Rock , to give the booth a complete makeover and capture the attention of a shared audience. Through a survey and focus groups with our internal customers, the booth and assets were modernly designed to be more eye-catching and engaging for visitors. 

LORD introduced augmented reality (AR) to its demos. What makes AR such a powerful tool for learning is its immersive digital experience that enables a potential customer to envision how our solutions can help them design a better product. This storytelling approach is being used to highlight our offerings for box trucks and cars. The experience allows a user to interact with hotspots on the vehicle and request more information. We can also capture more information about the visitor's interests for future marketing. 

Since launching our new strategy, we have seen an increase in foot traffic and trade show attendees spending more time in our booths – every second a visitor spends in our booth is a second not spent in a competitor's booth. 

With the use of our customized technology – AR, LED walls, and touch screens – we have seen a 35% increase in trade show leads in 2019, and over time expect the cost per lead to go down."


Working with LORD Corporation has been exciting! They are extremely open to innovative ideas to help increase their overall ROI. Collaboration and joint innovation are key to a successful partnership.

"Our two companies' strong partnership drives the innovative solutions to drive the results they desire." per Sherry Cox, Senior Account Executive

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