Increase Trade Show ROI by Decreasing Collateral Costs

One of the most important things an Event Manager has to keep in check is their budget. Many event managers struggle with figuring out the best way to reduce expenses and have a positive effect on leads and ROI. We have one simple suggestion to aid in accomplishing both — reduce your collateral material expenses.

The cost to produce a quality 4 color, multiple page brochure or catalog can be very expensive. Then add the cost of shipping boxes of brochures to each event, and return shipping those that are left over. You are looking at thousands of dollars, and only a small percentage of the brochures that walk off the show floor make it back to the office. But how do you know who kept the brochure? Did the brochure have a call to action or provide you the ability to immediately follow-up with the attendee? Most likely not! The answer to all these issues is simple — leave the brochures at the office and implement an interactive solution instead. 

An interactive table, wall or kiosk allows you unlimited opportunities to drive more traffic into your booth and convert leads quicker.

Visible, high tech interactive technology will draw attention to your booth and help you stand out from your competition. You will be able to immediately engage your audience with all your corporate branded materials and you can easily adapt the content to fit the audience. You can also update those materials moments before you show. If you were updating a printed brochure you would have to send it to the printer weeks before your event.

Collect instant marketing data by surveying your audience with specific questions about the products and services you're offering. Some interactive programs also give you the ability to track each user’s entire session, reporting to you at the end of the show what a person accessed on your table and show you overall popularity of the materials you offered.

Immediately email corporate materials to the attendee, from the table. This not only assures that your offerings make it back to their office after the event — versus in the garbage can by the exit — but it also allows you to follow up on the lead faster. Many of our clients take advantage of the option of sending an immediate personalized email to the attendee, arriving in their inbox before they even walk off the show floor. 

At the end of the day your trade show ROI (return on investment) is what the success of your management and the event itself will be judged against.

It could make or break a Qualified Leads Champion. Want to learn more, join us for our Technology Open House September 24, 2014. RSVP today.