Going Green at Trade Shows - How to Make Your Trade Show Display Eco-Friendly

Across the business event and trade show industry, everyone is conscious of the growing need for environmentally sound display booth products. Consider green exhibiting for your next trade show. Apple Rock produces their custom trade show environments from a vast selection of green products. Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Recyclable aluminum can be customized for many uses in any trade show booth, including display frames and struts, as a green alternative to using steel.
  2. Bio Carpet tiles are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors ideal for trade show applications and are made with PLA fibers. PLA (polylactic acid) fibers are completely compost-able and biodegradable back into lactic acid at the end of their service lives.
  3. Fabric Panels and End-Caps can be made of fabric composed from 100% recycled soda bottles and mounted to a reground plastic backing.
  4. Eco-Poly graphics made from 100% recycled poly propylene
  5. Shipping cases produced from 100% recycled industrial plastic content
  6. Recycled water based inks for use on graphics and printing materials
  7. Recycled paper used in all printed material given away at booths
  8. Bamboo used for building cabinets, work stations and counters
  9. Eco-headers glass made of eco-poly materials

As you can see, products available for exhibiting green are abundant.  Your Apple Rock Design Consultant can help you decide just what components are best for you and your custom green design.