Giving Your Trade Show Exhibit the “Green Effect”

green tradeshowGoing green is a challenge for every company out there. But, we don’t want to be wasteful do we? Trade shows don’t have to miss out on going green, you can do it too!

Your actual display can be smaller and lightweight to reduce your carbon footprint. The smaller your display is, the less material is needed for casing. Lightweight displays are easy to transport and require less labor. The less labor needed for thinks like set-up, the less travel is needed.

Renting your display, or even better renting a small or light weight display, is a green friendly method. Renting is almost like recycling displays in a sense. You are reusing materials rather than using more resources to build a new booth display.

Promotional products don’t have to be left out; they can be green too. Use a USB device to store any brochures, presentations, or handouts rather than printing them out. Printing out these pieces usually leads to a full trashcan. So you can store them items on your USB drive and have them on display at your booth.

Lastly, you can opt for promotional giveaways that are reusable products. Giveaway products such as cups, mugs, sports bottles, etc. with your company logo and colors on it. Not only are you being green when you giveaway these products, but you are able to advertise your company logo as many times as they use the product. These reusable giveaways are really a great investment.