Face to Face Marketing - Creating A Memorable Moment

Yesterday I had coffee with a colleague of mine who is one of those people you just want to get to know more due to their high energy and the great “vibe” they give when talking about their business, and overall, just a sharp business person. We talked about making moments memorable when meeting people for the first time.

Since my world spins around this topic every day (as in, what is the WOW moment you want your client to remember you by), I was sure I could have an opportunity to slip some wisdom to the conversation. Well, I was the one who was reminded of the old adage you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

While navigating the stairs in room filled with fellow business men and women, her feet did not meet the stairs in a normal fashion and down she went with a thud. Now most of us would wilt and slither under the nearest chair or table, or even make a hasty exit.

Not this gal. She popped back up, brushed herself off, and said: “Hi everyone! My name is Teresa with Godwin Insurance Agency! I’m OK…I guess you all will never forget me!”

Now that is a memorable moment - maybe one you do not want to experience yourself. But making the best of every opportunity when face to face with potential clients is a must.