The Evolution of Trade Show Technology

Over the past ten years, Apple Rock has been deeply involved in the evolution of face-to-face marketing. It used to be quite impressive to have a plasma TV in your exhibit. The draw was the technology itself while the message paled in comparison. As time moved on, screens got bigger and brighter, resolutions got higher yet content was still secondary.

Then came the advent of truly interactive trade show displays: gesture technology and touch screen interfaces wherein the motion of one's body, a swipe or a touch of the screen caused a reaction that caught the attendee's eye, turning moments into minutes per visit. Video walls, seamless tile LCD and now LED lighting continue the attraction of light, sound and motion. 3D digital screens, with and without special glasses, create presentations that almost reach out and grab you and your prospect.

As technology continues to evolve, remember that you want your message and your brand to be more memorable than the technology used to convey it. While the latest technology is the hook that draws prospects in, the message needs to be absorbed by the prospect; a message that is entertaining in such a way that encourages the prospect to invest more time with your company.

Even when you have developed the right technology with the right message and blended in the right amount of entertainment, it is still not enough to win the day. You must couple the presentation with professional talent and employees who are as good as or better than any spokesperson. The biggest mistake you can make is omitting the effort and money necessary to fully train your staff and employees.

At our 2011 Sound, Light, Motion technology seminar on November 17th, this very topic and how to match up the right technology, the right staff, and the right message will be addressed. We look forward to continuing this conversation!