The Ears Have It!

One of the reasons why people come to Apple Rock is for our custom designs. Before we even begin talking about the design of the display with our customer we first listen - we listen to what their goals are for the show, we learn about their branding, and then we go to the proverbial drawing board. Our mission is to create a design that is specifically unique to the client and consistently carries out their corporate brand identity, not something standard that they can get from a show decorator or off the shelf.

T V Ears

The Client: TV Ears, a technology company that manufactures a wireless TV listening device. They do a great deal of marketing to retailers through industry trade shows.

What We Heard: TV Ears wanted a unique display that was visually and creatively appealing, reconfigurable to a smaller display, and was portable enough to pack down into smaller cases if they wanted.

Our Solution: We designed a 10x20 fabric and aluminum extrusion display that reconfigured to two different 10x10 displays. It can pack down into three flat packs if needed or into one crate when they incorporate their custom illuminated counter.

The Design: The aluminum extrusion frame allows for utmost versatility - the client can add monitor mounts, pucked graphics or literature holders to the frame of their display. Fabric graphics can be printed at a larger scale, and the vivid seamless images do not compromise the impact of the graphics or the color. Fabric also folds up very compactly, meeting the client's desire to travel in smaller cases when needed, and reducing the overall weight, material & handling and shipping charges of the display.

At Apple Rock, one size does not fit all. We want each client to have a custom design that meets their needs now, and can be transformed to meet their needs next year.

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