Custom Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Need custom trade show exhibit ideas? Apple Rock takes a unique approach to its client's needs: Listen; Design; Plan; Produce; Coordinate & Schedule; Deliver; and Follow Through. Read on for a few case studies in custom trade show exhibits delivered by Apple Rock:

1. Highland Industries is a leading manufacturer in industrial textile product solutions, providing innovative textiles for various industries such as automotive, medical, industrial and military. Highland had not invested in a new trade show exhibit for over ten years so the Highland team presented Apple Rock with an idea: Create a custom trade show exhibit that exemplified the company's quality using the various interactive technologies that appeal to trade show attendees. Due to the variety of industry trade shows in which Highland participates, it needed versatility in a design that would set it apart from the competition. Apple Rock developed a custom trade show exhibit that combined extrusion panels and fabric. Fabric added a unique element to the design. The large curved fabric towers gave the display height and intrigue, but from a show services stand point, it packs down easily and is lighter to ship.

Given the custom specialty fabrics that Highland creates it was difficult to show attendees all that it can do with fabric samples. With the multiple presentation areas, a corporate video at the front of the display loops to show passers by who Highland is and what it does. Once attendees are drawn in, a more specific presentation with the Apple TV and iPads at the back of the display can be customized to accommodate any presentation need, for any audience during the show. Highland's display is classic with its clean and bright design but modern in its application and use of interactive media.

2. Collaboratively, Apple Rock fabricated a modular design which easily reconfigures into a 10x10, 10x20 and 10x30 format for Howden North America, a global leader in industrial air and gas handling products. Embracing the philosophy "less is more," the 10x20 display packs a powerful punch with regard to space, functionality and design. Integrating multiple touch points including large reception counters, interactive touch screens and semi-private conference room provide Howden's Sales and Engineering Team opportunities to engage, qualify and communicate with attendees. Howden's primary request was a clean modern display that was light weight and easy to install. Apple Rock incorporated lightweight aluminum extrusion, fabric graphics and perforated metal mesh accents to lighten the load then provided hands on training for all Howden participants in setting up, tearing down and packing the display. Howden won "Best In Show" at the IEEE-IAS /PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference and was recognized as "one of the best - if not the best - exhibition stands in the large exhibition area" by Global Cement Magazine.

3. Cree, a market leader in LED lighting, was eager to unveil its new product that revolutionizes commercial lighting. It wanted to provide potential customers with a true understanding of the look and feel of their new LED Troffer lights and to showcase a wide product range using the power of touch and sight. For this show, Apple Rock created a custom trade show exhibit in the form of a true-to-life experience room. The room provided "real world" settings in the form of a classroom and an office that powerfully displayed the performance and quality of this new, affordable light. Two large fabric signs clearly identified Cree and it's branded "It's Payback Time" across the trade show floor, making it the ultimate destination for CREE's target audience. Customers interacted with the products, the presentations, and the booth staff resulting in an impressionable experience for all at Lightfair 2011.

Apple Rock's custom trade show exhibits are ultimately based around your needs, your intended audience, your budget, your overall marketing strategy, the surrounding environment, the types of events you attend, and multiple other factors. Contact Apple Rock to learn how effective a custom trade show exhibit can be in engaging your customers.