Custom Trade Show Displays - Portable & Modular Displays

Your company is unique and different, so shouldn’t your trade show display have these qualities, too?  A custom display does not mean that it is going to be some big, heavy exhibit.  Today we can build creative, customized displays that not only fit your specific marketing objectives, but can also accomplish your portable and modular needs.

Custom Portable Displays

Do you want your 10’ display to hold a monitor, have special graphic stand offs, AND fit in the back of a mid-sized sedan?  No problem!  Our custom portable displays utilize the latest state of the art materials and fabrication techniques to fulfill your criteria while retaining its portability.

Custom Modular Displays

Does your trade show floor space change from a 10’ x 10’ to a 20’ x 20 depending on the event?   No problem!  We can customize one display that breaks down into smaller displays, providing you flexibility with your square footage while still maintaining your branding and marketing objectives.

Whether you need your display to be portable or modular, we can customize its form, function, and look to properly execute your marketing initiatives and give you a WOW look at your trade shows!