Crowding your booth (in a good way!), Part 1

Written by Alison James, Design Center Manager

Having a crowd in your booth is good in so many ways. The more people in your booth, the more people you can speak with to discuss your products and/or services. Plus, a crowd draws a crowd. 

Now, all you need to do is draw the crowd…

People love to win something – even better if it is something they want. Strategically selecting a grand prize that fits your target audience (a golf weekend may do for one target, whereas the newest iPad may attract a different target). 

At a recent show, we saw an exhibitor ask the attendees to guess the quantity of their product found within a car. Throughout the 3-day show, the buzz was about the car & how you had to get to their booth to put your guess in. The very last day, they announced the winner, who had to be present to win. What’d they win? A car! What did the exhibitor win? Leads with complete contact information gathered from all the guesses. Plus, a crowd in their booth to talk to while the attendees were checking out their product and counting the number of their products inside the car.

Everyone is intrigued by entertainers at trade show, the enticement of someone doing something they can’t do or can’t figure out. Enter the magicians and artists to the show floor. Magicians add a fun and exciting element to the show floor, as passer byers have to stop by and see how he/she did that trick. Same goes for artists of all kinds. People walking by are intrigued by seeing something different, so they stop to check it out – all while you get a chance to talk face-to-face with the attendee.

Digital Entertainment
Are your potential clients sports fans? You can imagine they will be drawn into your booth if the big game is on. Fire up one of your monitors & stream the game live. While discussing potential outcomes of the rivalry, you can also discuss the positive outcomes they will experience when working with you. Win, win, I would say!

Stay tuned next month for even MORE crowd-gathering ideas.