Creative Partitions for Any Business

So many businesses are trying to figure out how to safely reopen and get back to work. Regardless if you are a restaurant or a corporate office, you most likely will have to make some modifications. So, the question everyone is asking right now is how? Eventually capacity restrictions will be lifted, but how can you make your space feel safe for your employees and your guests, and not jeopardize your design or your wallet? Wow, lots to think about right!

For 32 years we have been a display designer and manufacture for trade shows and events, as well as help companies with permanent interior installations. So, when the world changed it was very easy for us to shift gears and come up with a creative solution to help – after all that is what we do best! We are currently helping business of all types figure this very issue out right now. We have already installed partitions in doctor offices, we are currently working on a custom design for 4 local restaurants, and we are working on various social distancing barriers and graphics for several corporate offices.   

Now, unless you have a lot of extra room to spread everyone out more than 6ft you, and keep the same capacity, might need to come up with a different plan. Luckily, we already figured it out for you – clear, creative partitions. You can still leave the open feel while providing protection to your staff and guests. But don’t just get the maintenance guy to put up some plain acrylic barriers cut in the back room - take it up a notch and install custom cut partitions with nice designs or patterns, corporate branding, motivational quotes, etc.

Here are three ways to accomplish this, find which solution(s) work best for your space:

Floor Standing Partitions

Adding partitions to your space does not have to be permanent, or boring. Floor standing partitions can have a solid base to them or casters for mobility and flexibility. Mobile partitions are a great idea for restaurants and salons, in case you need to be able to modify your space to accommodate larger parties.

Hanging Partitions

Hanging partitions from your ceiling is a more modern, alternative way to adding safety partitions to your space. Depending on how high your ceilings are, these will require a little bit more effort, but can visually add interest to your space especially if you have a more industrial space. Be sure to add interest to your partitions with a cool design. While these are a bit more permanent, they are also still flexible enough in that you can take them down with little effort or damage to your space, when the need for them fades.

Mounted Partitions

 When it comes to adding a layer of protection to for you cashiers, receptionists, or office staff, desk mounted partitions are an easy, less expensive option.  This solution requires less material and no special effort for hanging and can easily be mounted to any desk surface. Now, this solution is also more permanent as they are being bolted to an existing surface; however, of you ever have a need to take them down we can come up with a creative solution for that too. This same concept applies to the top of short wall cubicles.


NO MATTER WHAT type of business you have, MAKE YOUr space creative and THOUGHTFUL.

These new expectations are here to stay for a while. But no one said your partitions have to be plain and boring.  You have the choice to make it look homemade or part of your existing design. Don’t miss this opportunity to create value and safety with a creative partition.