Trade Show Display Audio and Video Atmospherics

Creating Atmosphere with Trade Show AV

Unforgettable Displays with Lighting, Video Walls and Sound Reinforcement

The best themed displays tantalize the senses and the artful use of sound, lighting and video creates the perfect ambiance to effectively project your brand messaging. The affordability and convenience of renting A/V opens up a whole world of thematic possibilities for your exhibit. 

Booth Lighting Options

Trade Show Display LightingOften overlooked, lighting can envelope your booth and bathe your floor space in calming, shimmering cascades of color. Or maybe you need flash and sizzle with pulsing strobe lights and spotlights.

Hanging lighting fixtures can produce any number of engaging lighting effects including:

  • Ambient lighting or focused spotlights
  • Fixed or moving logos and messaging
  • Wall or floor imagery and textures
  • Projection Mapping

Video Display Equipment

The current LED video wall technology has advanced significantly, to the point that video walls can be custom sized into an incredible array of dimensions and layouts. Movie-theatre style screens, towers, horizontal video scrolls or any imaginative configuration can be used.Video Screen Options for trade shows

Custom video conent, interactive technology, live speaker presentations, games, social media feeds and user-generated content can all be featured as visual components of an exhibit design.

Sound Reinforcement

Make sure your message comes through loud and clear. Microphones and audio systems of all types are readily available for rent with a minimum of fuss. Will guarantee that your message gets heard. Music or ambient sounds can complete the theme and aesthetic feel of your booth space. Interactive content and crowd-pleasing games are always enhanced with good sound.

Sound and audio for trade show exhibitsA show-stopping trade show display theme utilizes all available options. Renting A/V makes visually stunning components realistic and can be the visual and auditory attraction to seal the deal.


Interactive Video Wall Display

Dramatic display booth lighting and video screens