Create a Show Service Checklist and Budget So Nothing Gets Missed

Exhibiting in a trade show exhibit is a lot like buying a house, you have the initial cost of purchasing the structure, and then you have the added expenses to keep it running, like electricity, plumbing and other day-to-day living costs. Plus, you have to create and live with a budget, making sure your booth is you have a good ROI, just like your house. On the trade show floor, your ‘living costs’ are called show services. So let’s talk about setting a budget for show services. Here is an example of how to allocate funds for your next show.

As you can see, you should plan on spending 12% of your total budget on show services. On average, show services will be 40-60% of the total exhibit fee. For example, if the exhibit fee is $30,000, you should expect to pay $15,000 just for show services. Keep in mind that the cost of show services varies from city to city and venue to venue.

Now, I bet you are wondering what exactly are show services. Well, show services are all activities that ensure your exhibit will run smoothly during the show. Show services include, exhibit install and dismantle, project management of shipping, on-site services and labor. Show services also include electricity, plumbing, rigging (hanging signs from ceiling), internet, security, booth cleaning, drayage (link), and rentals such as furniture and carpet. Show services can also include food and beverages if your company wants to provide these goodies to attendees visiting your booth.

Use the checklist below to ensure you’re not surprised by any show services charges. As you will notice, there is a discounted date, where your company will receive discounts for taking care of these items early. Be mindful of these dates, as being early can save you company money.

Make sure you stay within your budget and take advantage of all the money saving discounts offered.

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