Corporate Event Logistics

 by Dominique Ford 

Event planning is an intricate but simple process. The most difficult part is the logistics, ensuring all the bases are covered. A few months ago, we opened up the discussion of corporate event planning with Crafting a Successful & Simple Corporate Event. This article is an extension of that article.

How should you think of your event in terms of logistics? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What theme/message do I want to reveal?
  • How many people do I want to attend and how will I transition them from one station to another?
  • How do I want the break-out sessions to flow?
  • And lastly, what takeaways do I want my audience to carry with them?

Deciding on a theme is the fun part of the planning process, especially when you get to have fun with themes like: masquerade, sports, TV Shows, James Bond, circus, or even Kentucky Derby.

On the subject of number of attendees, it all depends on the vision for the event overall. The number of guests can significantly impact your venue choices, particularly when your numbers begin to go above 150 people. If you decide to have a mix & mingle or some other type of activity before your presentation, remember to allot at least 15 minutes for the people to finish their conversations and find their seats. (Otherwise, your timeline will quickly turn into a disaster.)

Following your initial activity, what comes next? When you’re putting together your flow of event, ensure the flow makes sense. Attendees should not be up and down throughout the event as if they were playing musical chairs. Typically, if you start out sitting down, and your event is longer than an hour, give attendees a chance to stand and stretch their legs after the first hour. If you plan to have a special presentation or guest speaker, it’s best to have an activity where people can mix and mingle prior to the special presentation.

Last but not least, what do you want the audience to remember most? The food, the enjoyment, the presentation or your brand? I have attended events where I remember all of the above. Your main goal should be for your guests to enjoy themselves. Event logistics play the most important role in this game.

Effective planning and strategy are required before the event, while logistics and details come into play just before and after. Contact an Apple Rock consultant to learn more about any of the services we offer.